Gilles Chavanac, 46 years old, 21 years international Real Estate experience

Gilles Chavanac is “Pearl Luxury Group” founder and C.E.O., Investor, developer and decorator in luxury real estate throughout the earth of main international capitals, as, Paris, Luxembourg, Carthage, and soon, London, Monaco, New York and Hong Hong.


“Pearl Luxury group” act as well, as a designer and manufacturer of “fine jewelry”. “Pearl Luxury Group” first fine jewelry collection, “Imperatrices” will be launched in Paris, at the “Paris Palais Garnier Opéra”, in late 2010.


 “Luxury Real Estate” and “Fine Jewelry”, seem to be very different activities, nevertheless, they require the same extremely demanding qualities, in terms of Design based on details and history knowledge, Creativity, and Manufactory.


One of the main “Pearl Luxury Group” competitive advantage is its “French Chic Sensibility”, that gives that so particular elegancy and moderation, as a combination of old Europe historical classicism and contemporary pure and warm creativity.


“Pearl Luxury Group” quality manufactory either in “Luxury Real Estate”, than in “Fine Jewelry”, is the result of a day to day meticulous attention to details, on both Design and Manufactory process.


Gilles Chavanac assumes as a C.E.O., the operational international “Pearl Luxury Group” management and as a “Real Estate Art Director”, the whole architecture, design and decoration.


Khansa Chavanac assumes as “Fine Jewelry Art Director”, the control of “Fine Jewelry” design, manufactory and marketing, thanks to her 20 years international experience in “Top Model” and “Haute Couture” industry, Jewelry and Fine Jewelry, especially for “Place Vendôme”.


Khansa Chavanac, sign with “Pearl luxury Group” name, her own collection, fully manufactured in Paris (Le Marais), inspired by XVIIIe century old Europe “Aristocratic Chic”, and contemporary International feeling.


Before launching “Pearl Luxury Group”, Gilles Chavanac acted as a Civil Engineer, real estate advisor for Jones Lang Lasalles, consultancy manager for Ernst & Young Real Estate strategic advisory team, Mega Logistic Platforms’ developer and Head of the second largest Logistic European Fund for IXIS AEW Luxembourg.


Gilles Chavanac personal sensibility, added to a strong and precise day to day operational management, allows “Pearl Luxury Group”, to deliver a unique and so elegant charm for both, “Prime Luxury Real Estate” in one’s of the most demanding capital throughout the world, and “Fine Jewelry” inspired and manufactured, as for Kings time, in Paris, Le Marais, but with affordable prices adapted to our days.


Gilles Chavanac choose “the Pearl”, as “Pearl Luxury Group” image, thanks to its literal translation, “unique”, and its “unperfected nature” image, that give its so particular charm surrounded by its protected case, but also thanks to the image of magic, femininity always rediscovered, humility and purity.


Without willing to obtain such a perfection, Gilles Chavanac with “Pearl Luxury Group”, are inspired on a day to day basis, by this natural “Pearl” magic and this femininity always renewed, that allowed them to pay so much attention to details, each of them necessary for these unique “Pearl Luxury Group” creations and manufactories.